Signing Up & Creating Users
You can easily sign up to corpus, then create and manage users and their categories in your team.
Books Received
You can index all books that received to you, all the other models' data will be generated through the book model's attributes when it is necessary. Once you submit the book's details, you will be free of repeating yourself in other models.
With the help of the category model that all other models belong to, your staff members that are submitted to any of the categories will be focused on the part that they are responsible for.
This is the model that you will index all of your connected publishers and coagencies. The submodel contacts under this model will help you to manage the staff members with their email addresses and positions.
Your book is on the way to the publisher. Now it is time to submit it. As a manager, you have to follow when and how your submissions prepared, what their statuses are. And the corpus will help. This model focuses on this issue.
This model will be created automatically after the submission's status is: offer accepted. After this, you will have the chance to follow each step of your contracts. The reminders will help you to track the end date of your contracts easily.
As the book's contract is in the status of complete, payment is generated automatically. Your accounting department is ready to follow the generated payment of it. As a manager, you have the chance to track the statuses of your payments and how the accounting operates.
Payment Reports
As the book is published, the payment report of it is ready now. As in payments, you now have the chance to track the statuses of your payment reports and how the accounting operates.